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How To Judge A Good Imitation Rattan Furniture?
- May 31, 2018 -

How to judge a good imitation rattan furniture?

 1. A good rattan furniture selection of new PE imitating rattan materials, purchase channels are big manufacturers, as well as some imported rattan, product quality is guaranteed. In the rattan production process, UV sunscreen ingredients are added, and the service life has been rigorously tested. All of them are guaranteed to have 3,000 hours of weather protection every day. The general selling price is more than 18 yuan per kilogram, while the ordinary inferior rattan uses recycled rattan. The main material, will not add UV sunscreen ingredients, the cost is low, the price is as low as 5 yuan per kilogram, the quality is not guaranteed. It breaks and fades in almost 3 months until it is completely scrapped.

 2. A good copy of rattan can ensure that outdoor weather is used for 3,000 hours in the open air. It can be used in areas with more sunshine in the south, and it can be used for at least 3 years.

 3. Even the best rattan material needs a good framework. Iron frame materials are generally difficult for the factory to do rust-proof treatment or even to deal with it, and soon it will rust, even the frame is loose and cannot be used. Rusty rust may even contaminate the ground and cause significant losses to customers; therefore, high-quality rattan furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy material, and most of the material is 6063 international standard aluminum. The aluminum alloy material will not rust and the surface will pass through. Electrostatic spraying can effectively prevent oxidation and ensure long-term use. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the aluminum alloy frame is longer than that of rattan, so customers can use it with confidence. There are also many customers who prefer to return to the factory to reorganize the canes before they reach the end of their normal lifespan. This is also a good strategy for use.

 4. The average consumer cannot judge a good rattan furniture because even The imitation rattan furniture made by poor quality materials cannot be easily judged by the naked eye at the initial stage of new use. Therefore, the average consumer should try to choose a big brand and understand the strength of the producer before making a decision. 

5. Acceptance at the production factory can pull the rattan. If it can be effectively elongated and won't break, it is generally considered as a better quality rattan. , that is, using new PE materials to do; but this result can not determine whether the rattan adds UV components, so it can only be a part of the test, in order to get accurate information, but also need to submit professional agencies to monitor.

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